Located in the newly re-christened Millennium Dome, The o2, The o2 Brand Experience Elements were the culmination of an invited competition and two years of development working directly with the client to bring the distinctive brand identity to built form.

The three different elements are comprised of:

  • Concierge - An entry totem with individually addressable LED bubbles and an information ticker.
  • Create - A video karaoke folly where users are composited into music videos of their choice with the video sent to their handset or via email. Create was formed out of CNC plywood layers with custom graphics and technology developed with JPDA.
  • Chill - A relaxing space with a wireless symphony visitor can listen to with provided receivers or their own headphones. Chill is composed of CNC plywood and inflated EFTE bubbles.

As project team member, I was responsible for design, material and technological research & development, construction administration and coordination between trades and consultants.

client o2
Firm Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture
project duration 2005-2006
location The o2, London
budget minimal

Selected Works

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